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NFL paper image
Oct 18, 2017 | arXiv: Statistics Applications

Exploiting oddsmaker bias to improve the prediction of NFL outcomes

Paper derives and evaluates novel methods for detecting and exploiting decision-biases to improve the prediction of NFL outcomes.

UAI paper image
Aug 9, 2012 | UAI-2012

Predicting the behavior of interacting humans by fusing data from multiple sources

Paper derives and evaluates model-free and model-based methods to predict real-world human behavior using low-fidelity data.

Poker-face image
Jul 21, 2010 | PLOS ONE

Human wagering behavior depends on opponents' faces

Paper presents behavioral evidence from a simplified poker game that the best 'poker face' for bluffing is a trustworthy face.

Reaching Image
Apr 4, 2007 | J Neurophysiol

Impact of coordinate transformation uncertainty on human sensorimotor control

Paper proposes a Bayesian model that predicts how natural grasping behavior changes due to the perceptual uncertainty in task.

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